“Love Where You Live”

100_0874We are a group of schools in the Kingsbury community who work to support each other and our community. We work within collaborative projects to extend our pupils’ learning beyond the classroom. We are currently working on teaching our pupils about collective responsibility; we are campaigning to clean up our community through a series of litter picking sessions outside our schools. In addition, back in the classroom, we are learning how to reduce, recycle & reuse to reduce our waste. We will all be working to create a range of items to inspire our community to re-think how they manage their waste. We will also be designing leaflets and posters to display within our community libraries & civic centre to further promote the ethos of “Love Where You Live.”

We are endeavouring to engage with our neighbours; to raise awareness that we all need to work together in keeping our community clean. We anticipate having a positive impact and would like to have a “parade/carnival” throughout Kingsbury to showcase our message. We believe it is a very important local issue. By involving school pupils, we believe we will be educating our future local residents; hopefully encouraging local pride.

Here is what the pupils have to say about the project:

‘’We’ve decide to take action, there’s so much litter being dropped by people thinking that someone else can pick it up. We want to set an example to our community and make them realise that we have to work together to clean up our area. Today when we were litter picking during our lunchtime, we met 2 residents who thanked us for caring because they too were upset about the mess.’’  (Andreea- Year 6)

‘’We were litter picking today to tell people in our community that they should put their rubbish in the bin. We want to make sure our community is clean and environmentally friendly.’’ (Maisa – Year 3)

‘’It is important to keep our environment and community tidy because we want to show that Brent is a lovely place to live. People who live here need to make sure they put their litter in the bins – Keep Brent Tidy!’’ (Nevena-Year 4)

‘’For me it was shocking to see that there was way more litter especially caught up in the Schools’ gate.

I think the wind blew the rubbish towards the fence, if the rubbish had been picked up, this wouldn’t happen!’’ (Leena ALJORANI – Year 5)

‘’We need to make our area clean to avoid pollution.

We need to educate our community to pick up their litter, we must work together.’’ (Paba MALAWWETHANTHRI – Year 5)

‘’I was shocked because there was so much rubbish.We must all be more responsible to put our rubbish in the bin so that our community would be so much better. ‘’ (Antonio POP – Year 3)

‘’We were disappointed by how much rubbish there was on our streets. It seems that people in our community are not caring about their environment and how it looks!’’ (Hussainali SACHOO/ Simran JOSHI – Year 6)

Kingsbury Schools Together – Year 4 Family Festival


On Tuesday 24 January, Kingsbury High School hosted another multi skills festival for primary school students in Year 4. There were 150 pupils in attendance from Roe Green, Fryent, St. Robert Southwell and Kingsbury Green. They rotated around a carousel of fun and engaging activities which helped to improve their fundamental movement skills.

Miss Lamyaa from Kingsbury Green said ‘KHS has offered us incredible support throughout the planning of our visit. We had a last minute request for one of our visual impaired students and KHS re-structured what they needed to in order to accommodate all students. I don’t know who they keep doing it, but KHS really goes the extra mile to make this fun for everyone.’

Each activity was led by a Year 10 student, who had planned the activities as part of their Sports leaders UK level one award assessment.

‘This has been yet another fantastic opportunity for students to get active and enjoy the outdoors. I strongly believe that it is an important part of the school day and allows the students to not only get healthier, but to also gain more confidence when they are outside of the school environment.’ Miss Zoren from Roe Green commented.

Kingsbury Schools Together – Year 3 Family Festival

family_festival_kschools_together_w-43On Tuesday 17th January, Kingsbury High School hosted a multi skills festival for primary school students in Year 3. There were 180 pupils in attendance from Roe Green, Fryent, St. Robert Southwell, Kingsbury Green and Oliver Goldsmith schools. They rotated around a carousel of fun and engaging activities which helped to improve their fundamental movement skills.

Each activity was led by a Year 10 student, who had planned the activities as part of their Sports leaders UK level one award assessment. There are a further 8 festivals planned for this academic Year involving pupils from Years 1-5.

Road to Rio


Year 5 primary school students participated in a Road to Rio festival at Kingsbury High School on Tuesday 7th June.

Students from Fryent, Kingsbury Green and Oliver Goldsmith primary schools had the chance to try Tennis, Golf and Seated Volleyball – sports which will all feature in this year’s Olympic and Paralympic games.

The festival was led fantastically by Kingsbury High School’s Year 9 & 10 Sports Leaders who rotated participants through each activity explaining the rules as they went to ensure the event was a success.

The Olympic games begin on Friday 5th August and finish on Sunday 21st August. The Paralympic games run from Wednesday 7th September to Sunday 18th September.

Year 6 & 7 Transition Club


On Wednesday 25th May, Year 6 students from Kingsbury High’s local primary schools, alongside Year 7 students from Kingsbury High School, received leadership training in music, dance and sporting activities.

As a result of this training the students will be leading these activities to Year 5 students at an after school club.

The club is open to Year 5 students from Kingsbury High’s feeder primary schools and will take place at Kingsbury High School from 4-5pm on the following dates:

Wednesday 15th June
Wednesday 22nd June
Wednesday 29th June
Wednesday 6th July

Students perform at 343 Stag Lane


On Friday 13th May Kingsbury High School students performed in front of members of the local community at the Opening Ceremony of the Willow Tree Doctors Surgery’s new site: 343 Stag Lane.

The students performed acoustically and were received warmly by visitors to the centre. Their pieces were followed by performances from staff and students at The Village School.

Dr. Meeta Dodhia, MD, CCFP, MRCGP said “We would like to thank the Kingsbury High School students for starting the opening ceremony of our new surgery. They performed marvellously and some members of the audience really got involved by clapping and swaying to the rhythm. The guitarist is very talented and the vocalist sang a very popular song. The Dhol player wowed the crowd and some guests started doing bhangra moves when he played.”